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Bert Hewse a Buddy "Bert Hewse a Buddy"
"Sam & Buck just before a jump off." [the jeep is #20359416S and painted on the windsheild frame are the names "HAZEL" and "ESTHER"] Sam & Buck
Cherry Melciano "We stayed in the house in the rear. Germans hit the house twice with shell fire. Cherry Melciano is our best wireman." [the shelling must have taken place after this photo was taken - there is still glass in the windows]
"Eddie is being flown home to a hospital after which he will get a discharge" [G.I.s would have called it a "Million Dollar Wound". The jeep is #20359416S and painted on this side are the names "HAZEL" and "CHRISTA" and "JANICE"(?)] Eddie is being flown home
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Lt. Gallager & Rog "Lt. Gallager & Rog in back of Gertop[Gutow? - only a few kilometers from Wöbbelin] Headquarters on the Size [Sieg?] River"
[Lt. Gallager & Rog again, The jeep is #20359416S and there is a woman barely visible in the background. She is standing with her Back to the camera between the two trees in front of the building. This photo has a different number stamped on its back.] Lt. Gallager & Rog again
Holland on our trip from Germany to France "Holland on our trip from Germany to France"
"A Castel [castle] on the Rhine River" A Castle on the Rhine River
A Castle on the Rhine River "A Castel [castle] on the Rhine River near Kassel Germany"
[ruins at Hessisch Lichtenau?? But Kassel, Germany is not near the Rhine]

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