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Bob & Rog watching our tanks move in "Bob & Rog watching our tanks move in to Sizen[Siegen, Germany] in the [Ruhr-Sieg] River pocket. Later Bob was hit by machinegun fire & had to be evacuated." [Siegen was captured by the 8th Division on 1 April, Easter Sunday 1945]
"Some of the boys clowning" Some of the boys clowning
Medics just after a busy day "Medics just after a busy day" [poor photo - reflection in glass or a double exposure? The closest jeep is the "JUNE HILDA"]
"Rog our wire chief" Rog our wire chief
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Johnny on my horse "Johnny on my horse. Communications Sgt. of 3rd Bn"
[Buck's horse] horse
horse [enlargement of the horse's head printed on postcard paper marked "Votgsländer]
Doyle Rog[Ray Doyle of Crowder, MS] My Buddy & Buck [badly developed photo of Buck and his buddy also printed on postcard paper.] Rog & Buck

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