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"Germans captured at Krake [Kraak? - about20 kilometers away from Wöbbelin] Germany" Germans captured at Krake Germany
Half Dead from torture in Wobbelin Camp "Half Dead from torture in Wobblon camp" [KZ-Wöbbelin - about 3,500 remaing prisoners were liberated May 2, 1945 by the 82nd US Airborne Division, Genral James M Gavin commanding. They were left behind by the retreating Nazis and were in such bad shape that well over 200 died after being liberated, in spite of the best efforts of the Americans to help them. The terrible smell of death is something everyone who was there remembered for the rest of their lives.]
"P.W.s rescued from prison camp" [KZ-Wöbbelin was subcamp of the larger Neuengamme camp. It was never completed, and lasted only 10 weeks - from 12 February to 2 May 1945. Even in its unfinished state, it housed thousands of prisoners marched in from Neunengamme, Sachsenhausen, Dachau, Buchenwald and the Gestapo prison in Fuhlsbüttel in Hamburg. There were no beds, no food, no clean water and more than 1,000 prisoners died there. General Gavin ordered the nearby townspeople to view the camp.]- P.W.s rescued from prison camp
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Mac & Chuck the radio men "Mac & Chuck the radio men"
[Mac & Chuck again - over the jeep's wheel well is painted "JUNE HILDA"] Mac & Chuck

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