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"Mac after a Paris Pass.We were in a rest area" Mac
Mac & VW "Mac & our captured German Jeep [VW Kübelwagen] we used for a long time" [Also at his feet is a genuine German "jerrycan" for gasoline. The Kübelwagen was a military version of the Volkswagon. Just like the civilian VW "Beetle" it was rear-engined, air cooled and rear-wheel drive]
"The motor pool gang. they fixed our jeeps, trucks & etc under fire any where they broke down." [The British & German armies simply abandoned their broken equipment] Motor Pool gang
Medics "Our courages [courageous] medics" [according to medic Victor Ennocenti this photo was taken in Duren, Germany just before crossing the Roer river. He remembers these boys as (from l. to r.) Lee "Dusty" Durst (Sommerst, MI), Earl Dunnwinn (Holland, MI), "can't recall his name", Dudley W. Guffey (Narvel, KY) and "can't recall his name". Medics Durst & Guffey were also Jeep drivers. Dunnwinn was an aid man & litter bearer. 30 or 40 medics were assigned to each Battalion. All G.I.s admired the men who went unarmed into combat to save lives. They were also convinced that the Army had a regulation against dying in an aid station]
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"Setting up the [SCR-]610 radio to tell them back in the rear that we had taken the town & for them to move up." [over the jeep's wheel well, next to his hand, is painted "JUNE HILDA". The original "Jeep", was built by the American Bantam Car Company of Butler, Pennsylvania in just 49 days under contract with the U.S. Army. It was delivered on Sept. 23, 1940. It featured rounded front fenders, hood, and grille with its headlights mounted to the tops of the fenders. Willys and Ford later provided prototypes to compete against the Bantam for a follow-on production contract with the Army. Bantam, Willys and Ford built 647,870 jeeps including prototypes and pilot jeeps for WW2.] Setting up the SCR-610 radio
Junior, John, & Lorric "Junior, John, & Lorric [Louie?] surveying a German plane outside of Colone [Cologne]"
"A German plane shot down outside of Colone [Cologne] one of the many downed that week by us." A German plane shot down
Lorric on another plane "Lorric [Louie?] on part of another plane"
"A German twin motored bomber shot down. All these planes were shot down around Colone [Cologne] & nearby places." A German twin motored bomber

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