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Paul & some German kids "Paul & some German kids just like Americans?"
"A Medic pal. Vic is Italian" [Victor J. Ennoceati, He survived the war and has written to me] Medic pal Vic
Johnson "Johnson stands in front of of our code name in combat" [Warren Johnsen from Oakland, CA. The "Golden Arrows" or "Pathfinders" insignia belongs to the U.S. Army's 8th Infantry Division. Buck served with the Headquarters Company of the 3rd Battalion in the 28th Infantry Regiment assigned to the 8th Division in the VIII Corps of the American First Army. The 28th calls themselves the "Black Lions" regiment. In the First World War the regiment fought a terrible three-day battle to capture the town of Cantigny and then withstood five determined German counterattacks. Cantigny is in the ancient French province of Picardy, whose coat-of-arms carried three black lions.]
  8th Division's Golden Arrow insignia   28th Regiment's Black Lion insignia
"Message Center clerk Putz [Petty?]" Message center clerk Putz
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Radio man Synder "Radio man Synder" [Snyder?]
"Ballabon the Major's radio man. this is just as we moved into this town, that radio is mighty heavy after carrying it all day. Later he shot some snipers back of those trees." [There's a small arrow drawn at the edge of the wall pointing to the trees. The Motorola SCR-300 was an FM radio. It weighed 18 kilograms (40 pounds), had a range of 16 to 32 kilometers (10 to 20 miles), and operated in the 40 to 48 MHz range.] Ballabon the radio man
Radio man Zimmerman "Radio man Zimmerman"
"Just Practice"
[with an M3 submachine gun. It was called a "Grease Gun" and on this one there is an extra clip held on by tape for faster reloading. It could only be fired on fully-automatic and used .45 cal. cartridges in 30-round magazines. Its rate of fire was 350-450 rounds per minuter. In the summer of 1943 the M3 was put into production by the Guide Lamp Division of General Motors. By the end of the War some 600,000 M3 Grease Guns had been produced.]
Just Practise

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