Basic Training
Camp Stewart, Georgia
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"Hynee[? in the back]
Powell, Gramm[?], Hagg, me [Buck - without shirt]
Tyman[?] kneeling"
[J.D. Powell of Frankford, IL. Those are Texas-sized mops in their hands. Camp Stewart was outside of Hinesville [pop. 500] and about 40 miles miles southwest of Savannah. It was the U.S. Army's Anti-Aircraft Artillery Training Center. Starting in 1943 it was also being used as one of many holding areas in this country designated for German and Italian prisoners of war from the fighting in North Africa. The camp was named in honor of General Daniel Stewart, a native of Liberty County, Georgia who had fought with Francis Marion [the "Swamp Fox"] during the Revolutionary War.]
Kelly from Kentucky "Kelly from Kentucky" [Harold E. Kelly from Independence, KY with a full pack - some of the equipment looks as if it is from the previous war. Soldiers were usually issued their actual combat gear after training.]
"Humble from Oklahoma" Humble from Oklahoma
My pal Olson from Sparta Wis "My pal Olson from Sparta, Wis" [William Olson from Sparta, WI about 200 miles southeast of Buck's hometown of Shawano, WI]
[Buck - Sunday best, he is probably going to town since he is wearing shoes not boots, but he still needs to put his tie on] Buck
Buck [Buck - Probably not going to town - only paratroops were allowed to be off the base wearing their boots]
Buck and 2 buddies
[Buck & some of his pals. He's the one in the middle with the shiny shoes and his hat at the jaunty angle.]
Buck and a buddy
[On leave, taken at Shawano High School standing with Norb Berg. An enlargement shows an "AA" (Anti-Aircraft) patch on Buck's jacket, that's what he received his training in. But when he arrived in Europe he was assigned to be a lineman, probably since the Luftwaffe had ceased to be a threat.]

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