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[Home again -
But out of uniform
without his tie]
MF & Buck
[M.F. Brener & Buck]
close-up of Buck Combat Infantryman Badge, PFC rank insignia 
and 8th Infantry Division shoulder patch
[An enlargement of the previous photo. Buck wears a Combat Infantry badge, his rank insignia (PFC - Private First Class) and the shoulder patch of the 8th Infantry Division (the "Pathfinders" a.k.a. the "Golden Arrows"), Since it is not a color photo I cannot identify his ribbons or the shoulder cord. According to his discharge papers he was eligible for the Good Conduct, the American Campaign and the Europe-Africa-Middle East Campaign medals.]
Buck & M.F.'s Buick
[Buck & a friend - Sally Bossell - leaning on M.F.'s Buick]
Buck in Oct.'46
[Buck in his parent's
backyard in October 1946
He was 20 years old.]
Buck in Oct.'46
[Buck in October 1946]

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